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4Real Entertainment Presents 


A Documentary capturing New York talent underground.  
You MUST live in one of the 4 Boroughs and have expressed your talent on subways, trains, train stations street corners, shuttles, busses etc. in the New York area. Send your information to me ASAP.
Send an email to Contact@4realentertainment.com
I need a video of your talent and or all of your contact information and we will come and video tape you live. The email must have your full name, DOB, the Borough you reside in, and your talent. 
Talent already captured: 
Pole dancing, graffiti, singing, break dancing, spoken word, drawing, poetry, etc. 
The Documentary will air on one of our favorite television stations. You do not want to miss the opportunity to have your talent showcased to millions. SOME ONE WILL RECOGNIZE YOU!  
Deadline to submit footage and or contact information is 
Saturday, July 27, 2021

~NEWS FLASH~Be on the look out for  Davida Gilchrest CEO of 4Real Entertainment's/"KCS" Community Action Advocacy & Youth Mentoring Program's BOOK!!!!​ 
 The book will touch many lives!!!!!!!!!!! 
This is a book you will want to purchase... ~\
More info to follow~


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